Big and Beautiful with a Meaning

It all started when the carpet guy was measuring my house. I saw him standing on our stairs reading the tiny print on our family proclamation. That day I decided I wanted to have a huge family proclamation that people could not only see when they were at my front door- but I wanted anyone that stood in my door to be able to read it. So I started designing a giant print- and I emphasized certain parts- so that just glancing at the print you could easily read key parts and instantly feel of the spirit of that document.

As soon as I hung it in my entry I had tons of friends asking me if they could buy one... and within a few weeks I needed a way to easily track all the requests I was getting- so my etsy shop was born.

I love having something meaningful and big on my walls- so that is what I have in my shop. Things that are near and dear to me- Family, Faith, Country, Home... Those are what my pieces are based around. Hope you find something that is meaningful to you!

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