Hey Friends! I created an invitation for the Mesa Temple Open House! 

I always love a pretty invitation, and find it much easier to invite friends and neighbors when I have something to hand them. Maybe it's my marketing background, but I just like it. So since I created some for myself to use, I am sharing it with all of you.

I created invitations for the Gilbert Temple open house and we had tons of coworkers and friends come! It is such a special memory, so hopefully this helps others. This time I'm even printing them for my kids, to get them even more excited than they already are!

I made a few options for everyone- lol everyone likes options right! hopefully one of these works well for you. Some are for uploading and printing at a store, some are great for printing at home, and of course there are pretty social media images to share. Also some have the general dates on there and others are intentionally without a date, so you can invite them to come with you at a specific time. 

Hope you love them! I also made a free printable Mesa Temple Journal to help remember this- so be sure to download one of those too!

And this should go without saying- but please don't try to take credit for this- obviously print as many as you like and feel free to share this blog post so others can use this free invitation as well. You can Pin it on Pinterest too. 

Mesa Temple Open House Invitation Tickets

Click the Links Below To Download (or scroll to the bottom if you're on your phone and just want to easily save the images)

4x6 Invitation General Info- This has the dates and website telling people where to print free tickets. Great if you are trying to tell people about it, but don't have specific tickets or they might not go with you. Easily upload to your favorite place to print photos and you'll have beautiful invitation. 

4x6 Invitation No Dates- This one is perfect if you already have tickets and want to invite someone to a specific time and date- just add that info yourself. Easily upload to your favorite place to print photos and you'll have beautiful invitation. 

Full Sheet of 4 Invitations with General Info- Great if you are printing at home on a regular size paper. Just print on cardstock and cut in 4. 

Full Sheet of 4 Invitations No Dates- Great to add your own specific date and time and print at home on regular size paper. Print on cardstock and cut in 4.

Foldable Card 2 per page- This on is perfect to write a personal note and invite people to a specific date and time. Print at home on cardstock on a regular size paper. Cut in half and then fold the card in half. 

Social Media Image- this is just a nice simple image that you can easily share as a post on instagram or facebook.

Instagram Square Image- a perfect square to do a post on instagram. 

Instagram Story Image- the perfect size to add to your instagram stories

PS- you can find me on Instagram @onkateelane I made a reel about the Mesa Temple you might like too! 

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If you're on your phone and want to save any of these images to easily use on social media or to send personal texts- here they are!

Mesa Temple Open House Tickets

Mesa Temple Tickets

Mesatemple.org mesa temple tour tickets

Mesa Temple Invitation